About Major League Bocce

What is Major League Bocce?
Major League Bocce was founded in 2004 by a close group of friends in Washington, DC. After playing with other recreational leagues around town, the founders decided to put together a social sports experience that was more in tune with their lifestyle. Bocce was the obvious choice! Easy to play, bocce creates a space for players to engage in friendly, casual competition (often with a drink in hand). The League instantly attracted an assorted group of people in their 20s and 30s looking for an excuse to share a unique meet-up experience.

Since Major League Bocce began in Washington, it was originally known as the DC Bocce League. After several years operating the DC Bocce League to great success, the founders put together an expansion strategy to bring bocce to cities beyond the DC area. Today, Major League Bocce operates leagues in 10 cities across the US. In addition, Major League Bocce runs an annual bocce tournament in Delaware called BocceFest and has done so since 2013.
Why Bocce?
Bocce is attractive to all types of people because it's so versatile - you can play on grass in the middle of a city park, or you can roll right next to the ocean on a sandy beach. The sport is both casual to play and competitive in strategy. Men and women are on equal footing in this sport, and age is never an issue (as long as you're over 21!).
Charity is an integral part of Major League Bocce's program. Since the league was founded in 2004, the League has donated a percentage of registration fees to local and national charity organizations in honor of the seasons' winning teams. To date, Major League Bocce has donated over $150,000 to hundreds of charities on behalf of our championship teams.
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Stay up to date on BocceFest news and registration by signing up on our mailing list. Feel free to email us at mail@majorleaguebocce.com with any questions. To everyone who is a fan of the game, thank you!

Sarah DeLucas (Owner/Operator)
Rachael Preston (Owner/Operator)
Mike Gulinello (Director of Operations)
John Groth (Owner)

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